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A unique university program that will empower you to lead the sustainable development of Africa’s tourism and hospitality sector.
Because talented individuals can make a real difference.

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You want a Bachelor degree that opens doors to endless possibilities

Not sure yet what you will enjoy doing?

With strong hospitality and business management skills you can access a huge variety of companies and roles. You are all set to explore the professional world, discover your passions and tailor your life as you wish.

Hospitality is one of the fastest growing industries. Africa will need 150.000 new hospitality managers by 2030. Will you be one of them?

Discover the hospitality industry and the career opportunities it offers

You want more than classrooms in a Business School

Your campus should be your workspace, your playground, your home away from home. Why it matters? Because personal development and professional development go hand in hand.

Inspiration and learning also happen outside classrooms. A beautiful, safe, and friendly environment means a healthy, happy lifestyle and more brain power.

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You want a prestigious university and a powerful network

The best universities are the ones that offer the happiest, most meaningful careers. Therefore the quality of its industry partners testifies for its prestige.

At UM6P we made it simple – we secured partnerships only with the world’s best players in each of our fields of education.

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Your professional life starts the first day you join UM6P.

From Day 1 you do. You practice. You experience. Because business management competencies, industry knowledge and the mindset of a hospitality leader ready to change the world, are best developed when you learn by doing.

The bonus: from day 1 you build your resume with real work experiences in Morocco and abroad.