SHBM Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Business & Management

You want to be a manager. You want your job to have meaning. You want variety in your studies and in your work life. This is what our program aims to give you. 


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Hospitality Business & Management

Why choose a degree in Hospitality Business & Management?

A Hospitality Management school is a Business school with an edge

You will learn all aspects related to running a business: economics, finance, marketing, project management, human resources... 

But you will get much more than the management theory taught in Business schools. You will graduate with:

  • Professional skills 
  • Applied management expertise
  • Real work experience (internships)
  • Travel souvenirs, cultural awareness and language skills
  • Industry recognition and business contacts

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What will you have gained by the end of your Bachelor?

  • You will be able to recognize and interpret the different trends, challenges and scenarios in the hospitality and tourism industries
  • You will be able to explain the foundation and conceptual framework of hospitality businesses, from operational to managerial perspectives
  • You will be able to explain the role and impacts of businesses in the development of environmental, social and financial sustainability
  • You will be able to analyze human psychology in decision making, career development and business management
  • You will be able to identify the dynamics of hospitality (stakeholders) and the career opportunities it offers
  • You will have developed critical thinking skills through broad and varied academic fields of study
  • You will demonstrate the ability to make decisions, solve problems and think critically in hospitality business related scenarios
  • You will negotiate and discuss hospitality business related issues with confidence and ease
  • You will undertake tasks and responsibilities with quality and spirit of pride, service and excellence
  • You will demonstrate effective management and operational techniques in hospitality operations 
  • You will apply effective verbal and non-verbal communication to ensure delivering the right impression and impact when dealing with clients and colleagues
  • You will embrace hospitality as a form of attitude and experience applicable to other sectors
  • You will elaborate  adequate behaviors  and attitudes in different professional and cultural situations
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After Graduation

What can you do after your Bachelor degree?

Start your Management career. 
Join a Master's program. Become an Entrepreneur. 
The choice is yours. 

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After Graduation

Start your career in a variety of hospitality fields 

1 in 10 jobs is in Hospitality worldwide, so the choice is yours, especially if you have studied in English, like at SHBM.

With 2 internships included in your studies, no need to wait until graduation to travel the world and start developing your professional network.

As a Hospitality Management degree graduate, you will be "work-ready" and "world-ready". 

Discover trendy hospitality jobs

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After Graduation

Join a Master program

Your Bachelor degree in Hospitality will let you join a variety of Master's worldwide. 

Once SHBM obtains the status of Certified School of EHL's Network, its graduates will have access to EHL's Master of Science in Global Hospitality Business on 3 continents. EHL is the  world’s No. 1 hospitality management school.

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Become an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship and innovation are at the heart of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, born of strong and shared convictions to promote and support a global community of forward-thinking students, researchers, and entrepreneurs. The aim of our Learning-by-doing approach, our various entrepreneurship programs, and departments, including Entrepreneur Academy, Impulse, Explorer, U-founders, UM6P ventures, and P-Curiosity Lab, is therefore to embody know-how, soft skills, and the ability to dare in all their actions within the university's ecosystem. Learn more:

Hospitality is full of entrepreneurs. Your Bachelor will give you business and financial expertise, ready-to-use professional skills, and precious “soft” skills such as creativity and networking that are key for an entrepreneur. Some young hospitality entrepreneurs have created an app for personalized travel, invented restaurant concepts, designed a line of luxury chocolates, or used artificial intelligence to analyze emotions…
What will you invent?  

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The Bachelor Degree Program

Our Bachelor Program has been designed...

To provide you with hands-on learning 
To ensure you the best employability rate
To grow your IT and languages skills
To maximize your interactions with industry professionals 

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Bachelor Degree Program

Bachelor Program Fact Sheet

  • Duration: 4-year 
  • Mode of Instruction: Full time
  • Language: English
  • Degree granted: Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Business & Management
  • Location: Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Ben Guerir Morocco 
Bachelor Degree Program

What is the Bachelor Degree Curriculum?

You will start with a preparatory year, including a 6-months internship at operational level. Your Bachelor Program will then last 3 years including a 6-months internship at supervisory level.

Your application will be reviewed by the admissions committee to allow you to be exempted from the preparatory year if you have at least 400 hours of practical experience in Hospitality, and service knowledge as per the first semester's courses.

You focus on acquiring practical experience and knowledge.

In semester 1, your study areas include Kitchen, Food & Beverage, Rooms Division, Language and Terminology, Business Basics,  Hygiene and Safety.

You then complete a 6-months operational internship within the hospitality industry.

You learn the Foundation of Hospitality Management and Tourism Management. 

Your study areas include Accounting, Microeconomics and Computer Applications, an Introduction to Marketing, Legal and Ethics and Performance in the Workplace.

You practice business analysis and applied management, and strengthen your marketing knowledge including communication and culture.

You choose 1 elective among:  

  • Developing Entrepreneurial Projects, 
  • Event Management 
  • Managing the Travel Business. 

You also complete a 6-months internship at supvervisory level in the hospitality industry.

You study integrated business analysis, integrated hospitality & tourism management, advanced management and marketing strategy. 

You choose 2 specializations among:

  • Trends in Hospitality Franchising
  • Design and Financing new Touristic Products
  • Advanced International Travel Management
  • Trends and Innovation in Hospitality
  • Leadership & Professional Development

You also study Project Management and Cross Cultural Management and end your Bachelor with an Integrated Project in Hospitality / Tourism.

Find out more about our curriculum

Bachelor's Curriculum
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Bachelor Degree Program

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Our Admissions team will be happy to give you details on our Bachelor in Hospitality Business & Management.

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Professional & Personal Development

How will we insure your success?

We designed our program and on-campus services to empower you to become the person you aspire to be. 

We will:

  • Coach you on your self-learning skills 
  • Let you explore your professional interests 
  • Provide you opportunities to have a positive impact on your community

You will find various coaching and support services on campus including:

  • Accelerated language courses to reach the level you need for your first internship.
  • Academic support on a peer-to-peer basis between students. 

You will complete two 6-months internships.

They will allow you to test several roles and develop the additional skills you need to excel in your future career.

You can choose any country or company for your internships, as long as they provide you with a meaningful experience that will enhance  your resume.

Good to know: many internships are paid. 

Many courses will include real-life business cases that will let you apply your learning immediately. 

The Bachelor Degree program ends with an Integrated Project in Hospitality / Tourism, a great way to test your competences and knowledge in a real-life environement.

Our career services offers you coaching and contacts to help you secure the best internship. 

Recruitment days will take place on campus, where companies will come to present themselves, meet and interview candidates.