The UM6P-SHBM Campus

We have built an exceptional campus that will be your study space, your playground, your home away from home.


Virtual Tour of UM6P

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The UM6P campus in Ben Guerir

The minute you step in on our campus, you will be impressed by its beauty and modernity.

The UM6P campus was designed by the world renowned architects Ricardo Bofill and Elie Mouyal focusing on sustainable development and local materials.

It is at the heart of the future green city of Ben Guerir and close to Marrakech.

It is immense study and playground - 17 hectares – that  will give you a huge choice of state-of-the art infrastructures to study, exercise, and relax with your friends.

UM6P’s study environment

What are the campus infrastructures?

The focus at UM6P is on world-class teaching and learning.

You will have access to classrooms and learning labs, all equipped with the latest multi-media technologies. The library offers over 13,000 books and thousands of online resources, 

During your preparatory year, you will practice your skills in professional demo kitchens and in a gastronomic teaching restaurant!

UM6P Campus Ben-Guerir Student Accommodation
UM6P student life

Where do UM6P students live?

UM6P is one of the only residential universities in Morocco.

We want you to be comfortable and safe. You will live in one of our ultra-modern 4 or 8 bedroom shared apartments. Each room has its own private bathroom.

All apartments are equipped with high speed internet access and a common living area with an open kitchen equipped. Cleaning service is included.

A recreational area is equipped with television, billiard, table tennis and babyfoot. A laundry room with washing machine and dryer is at your disposal.

We offer separate buildings for male and female students and a 24-hour security service.

UM6P Campus Ben-Guerir School Hospitality Business
UM6P student life

Where do students eat?

Our university restaurant is the meeting place for students, professors and staff from all our UM6P schools.

Our restaurant serves breakfast, lunch  and dinner, with a variety of balanced menus. It has wide ranges of opening hours, so you can eat at your own schedule.

Feeling hungry between classes or wanting to take a coffee break? Meet your friends at our university cafeteria, which offers hot and cold drinks, as well as snacks.


Do you have questions about SHBM?

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UM6P Campus Ben-Guerir University Sports
On-campus Activities

What sports facilities are available?

Our Athletics Department offers you a range of  sports activities. Extensive ultra-modern infrastructures await you including: 

  • 4 multi-sports fields (tennis, basketball, handball and volleyball)
  • 1 NBA-approved basketball court
  • 2 mini football turf pitches

  • A 25-meter semi-olympic pool and a learning pool
  • A fitness room
  • A weight room
  • A dance hall
  • A Martial arts room

UM6P Campus Ben-Guerir Event Center
On-campus Activities

What events take place at UM6P?

Our students are very active on campus and in the Ben Guerir community, with tutoring, entrepreneurship and civic engagement projects. 

The school year is filled with prestigious conferences, national student competitions, sports games and community events. 

How do students spend their weekends?

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UM6P Campus Ben-Gueri Studying
Being a UM6P student

Who are the UM6P students?

Our students choose UM6P for its prestigious education in architecture & design, political & social sciences, industrial management, environmental sciences and, of course, hotel management. It is the diversity of our students' talents that makes our UM6P family so special.

Our campus welcomes 2182 students of 20 nationalities.

These are all new friends and new horizons to discover.

Being a UM6P student

How we will ensure that you integrate fast in the UM6P family?

Our famous onboarding week-end will probably become a cherished memory of your time at UM6P. With an extensive program of famous keynote speakers, theater, music, movies and innovative games, you will for sure feel part of the #WEareUM6P family.

SHBM students activities

To live experiences rich in emotions, learning, and sharing

Nothing teaches better than doing. Our students graduate with more than just a degree in hospitality business and management. They leave us with a way of looking at the world that shapes their way of thinking forever. Our immersive approach to teaching and SHBM Students Clubs make sure of that.​

What is your passion? Are you creative and persistent? SHBM Clubs offers you a holistic experience to develop your soft skills while enjoying all the benefits of UM6P extracurricular activities.  ​

Experience a wealth of emotions, learning opportunities, and shared interests. Join SHBM's first cohort who laid the club's foundations and create lifelong memories!​

SHBM students activities

Discover our clubs

Communication & promotion: Highlight your art of persuasion, communication, and creativity. Build relationships, manage communication campaigns, collaborate with events organizers and be a SHBM ambassador!​

Art & culture: Let express your artistic side, implement your cultural spirit, and unleash your creative talents by engaging in a multitude of activities: acting, drawing, music, singing, dancing, photographing, cooking, debate, reading, or writing... and many more await you!​

Sport: Let's move together! keep your mind healthy and relieve your stress with a healthy lifestyle. ​

Sports activities and events geared to suit students of all levels within the university's great facilities.​

Event & Humanity: Have fun and learn more & more by organizing different events whether cultural, sporting, festive, educational, humanitarian ... all ideas are most welcome.​


Get ready for SHBM

We have compiled for you a list of tips and FAQs

How long is the duration of the training ?
It’s a 4-year undergraduate degree including a preparatory year. 
What is the title of the diploma?
Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Business & Management 
What type of teachers are at SHBM?
We want to have a qualified and diversified body of professors who meet the objectives we have set ourselves in order to better prepare our students to confront the professional world. It is made up of research professors as well as professionals currently working in the field. 
Is the diploma accredited or recognized by the state? Does the degree have national or international recognition?
SHBM is the only associate member of EHL (Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne) certified schools in Morocco, the bachelor program obtained Moroccan accreditation from the ministry of higher education, and a partnership in signature with AHLEI American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute. The school is part of the Mohamed VI Polytechnic University, known nationally for its quality of training and a high demand for the excellence of its students.
These three components guarantee an excellent quality of training, a rich program that will allow students both personal and professional development, as well as the perfect preparation for a career in hotel and business management. 
Can I complete a Masters or Doctorate at a public institution?

UM6P is recognized by the Moroccan state,  all university degrees is considered as recognized by the state. In other words, the diploma will allow you to post for public diplomas. 

In addition, thanks to its wide choice of programs and diplomas, and its particular interest in research, UM6P offers masters and doctorates as well as scholarships for excellence and merit. 

Can I continue my studies abroad?
The bachelor’s in hospitality will allow you to integrate various international master’s programs.
Once SHBM has obtained the EHL Network Certified School status, its graduates will have access to the EHL Master of Science in Global Hospitality Business on three continents. EHL is the number one hospitality management school in the world.
Moreover, The bachelor program is accredited by the Ministry of National Education with a system of equivalence of ECTS credits, this system will allow our students to apply for international programs as long as the required number of credits corresponds.
What is the language of instruction?
The entire program is taught in English. However, many courses are also taught in french. 
Is French mandatory?
To succeed in your career in hospitality and your internships on a national and international level, mastery of languages ​​is essential, namely in English and French. Hence the importance of having a medium B level (on the CEFR scale) in both languages.
Is a third foreign language also taught during the course?  What foreign languages ​​are taught?
In addition to English and French, we teach a third foreign language of your choice: Spanish, Chinese, or Russian.
My language level does not meet the criteria you required, even if I have very good grades, am I able to join your school?
Everyone has a chance to apply for our bachelor, and language is just one criteria. If your profile and your motivations correspond to the vision of SHBM, accelerated language courses are offered to our students to enable them to reach the level necessary for the first internship.
How long are compulsory internships?
  • A 6-month operational internship in the hotel industry during the first year (preparatory).
  • A 6-month administrative internship in a hospitality company during the 3rd year.
  • An integrated hotel / tourism project during the final year.
Are the internships provided by the school?
During your courses, a program is designed to teach you how to look for internships and jobs, and expand your professional network. In addition, our career services will help you find internships, and develop partnerships with the most prestigious hotels in Morocco. 
In addition, we will organize campus recruitment days where companies will be invited to introduce themselves, meet and interview candidates.
Can we do internships abroad?
We encourage our students to have an internationally recognized training. An internship abroad can only be beneficial in terms of skills development, personal and professional fulfillment, discovery of foreign cultures and new horizons that will allow the student to put their knowledge of hospitality business into practice.  Whether in Morocco or abroad, it will be a real added value on a CV. 
Does the diploma allow me to work abroad?
SHBM has designed a rich program to prepare you to adapt to any environment. By teaching you the international standards of hotel, catering and management. Hospitality accounts for 1 in 10 jobs worldwide, so you have a choice, especially if you have studied in English, like at SHBM.
With 2 internships included in your studies, you no longer have to wait for your diploma to travel the world and develop your professional network.
As a graduate in Hospitality Management, you will be ready to go out in the world.
Can I work in the public sector?

UM6P is recognized by the Moroccan state,  all university degrees is considered as recognized by the state, in other words, the diploma will allow you to apply for public companies. 

In addition, a career in hospitality or business offers you opportunities in the private sector whether in Morocco or abroad, the right questions to ask should be oriented towards your skills and experiences that will allow you to stand out in relation to other profiles in the same field. 

What are the establishments in which I can complete an internship?
Hospitality and Tourism
  • Hotels and resorts 
  • Restaurants 
  • Tourism management 
  • Cruises
  • Collaborative Economy  
  • Travel sites  
  • International sporting events
  • Festivals 
  • Fairs, forums and exhibitions 
  • Corporate events 
  • Fashion shows 
  • Private events  
  • Virtual and online events  
Finance, Services and Real Estate
  • Financial investment 
  • Private banks
  • Real Estate management  
  • Hotel development  
  • Insurance
  • Brokerage
  • Advice
Luxury Industry
  • Luxury hotels, resorts and palaces 
  • Refined cuisine  
  • Luxury jewelry  
  • Consumer goods 
  • Private jets and yachts 
  • Luxury tourism  
  • VIP and luxury concierge 
Or any company responding to your internship project.
What jobs can I do once I have my bachelor's degree in hospitality business and management?
A hospitality management school is a business school with a competitive advantage. You have the possibility of practicing all the trades which touch management.You will learn all the aspects related to running a business: economics, finance, marketing, project management, human resources, but you will have much more than the management theory taught in business schools.
You can have an orientation in one of the specialties:
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Events
  • Commercial and reservation 
  • Public relations
  • Human resources
  • Finance and accounting 
  • Purchasing
  • Food & Beverage 
  • Catering
  • Accommodation
Can I work in a sector other than hospitality and tourism? 

A business school will give you the same skills in business management as those taught in prestigious "hospitality management" schools. On the other hand, a basic business degree will not give you the competitive advantage of real-world, practical knowledge, interpersonal skills and in-depth knowledge of one of the flagship industries for years to come. 

Adopt hospitality as a mindset and experience to be extended to other sectors. 

Can I open my own business?
Your studies in hospitality business & management give you managerial and financial expertise, professional “savoir-Faire” and interpersonal skills such as networking which are key for an entrepreneur. 
Is employment provided after graduation by the school?
Like internships, during your course, a program is designed to teach you how to look for jobs and expand your professional network.
In addition, our career services will help you get your first job thanks to particular partnerships with the most prestigious hotels in Morocco.
Furthermore, we will organize campus recruitment days where companies will be invited to introduce themselves, meet and interview candidates.
Who are your academic partners?
Two partnerships :  
  • SHBM is an associate member of the EHL network (Lausanne Hotel School, ranked best hotel school in the world)
  • Partnership being validated with AHLEI: American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute
Who are your professional partners?
Our partnerships with tourism and hospitality professionals are being finalized. SHBM has an extensive network in the field. In addition, the OCP Group, to which the university is attached through its Foundation, has set up a National Hotel Center of Excellence, in partnership with the ONCF and the Hassan II Fund for development. This pole will include historic hotel assets from Morocco: Mamounia Marrakech, Palais Jamaï in Fès, Michlifen in Ifrane and Marchica Lagoo Resort in the Oriental region.
What are the criteria to join your school?
We have implemented several selection criteria, the threshold is not fixed beforehand, we take into consideration the entire admissions file as well as the admission test.
What are the admission requirements?
To access our bachelor’s program, you must have passed your secondary school exit exams and demonstrated your knowledge of English.
  • Academic Requirements
You must have passed a high school (or current) graduation exam. Transcripts must show the courses you have taken and the grades you have obtained. We will select candidates with averages significantly above the allowable minimum and excellent marks in the specific subjects necessary to pass the SHBM.
  • Language Requirements
The minimum level required in both English and French ​​is upper B1 / lower B2 on the CEFR scale.
What is your dress code?
In order to create an atmosphere that reflects your future work environment, a dress code has been implemented within the School of Hospitality Business and Management.
This dress code is also an opportunity to learn the rules of "Savoir-Faire and good manners" which imply both mutual respect and self-respect.
On school premises, students, staff, and teachers are therefore required to wear formal attire, with the exception of practical lessons for which they will receive the following uniforms: 
  • Kitchen uniforms for all practical cooking lessons
  • Formal service attire for all service and event practices
  • Casual service attire for service outdoors or in informal environments (food trucks, sporting events, etc.)
The dress code will be applicable on working days, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., including during meals and breaks, and for students visiting during an internship, sick leave or day off.
Are the outfits insured by the school? For how much?
Uniforms and materials for practical lessons will be provided by the school and their cost is included in the registration fees.
Dress for the theoretical courses will be the responsibility of the students.
Where is Ben Guerir?
 Ben Guerir is the capital of Rehamna Province in central Morocco, in the Marrakesh-Safi region.
How do I get to Ben Guerir from Marrakech or Casablanca?
By Car:
The Marrakech Menara International airport is a 1-hour drive away from Ben Guerir via the A7 highway (80 km distance)
The Casablanca Mohammed V International airport is a 2-hour drive away from Ben Guerir via the A7 highway (160 km distance)
By Train:
The Casablanca Mohammed V International airport is 2 hours and 40 minutes away from Ben Guerir by train including a change at L’Oasis in Casablanca City.
There are trains available from the following cities:
  • Marrakech: 45 minutes

  • Casablanca: 1h55 minutes

  • Rabat: 3h00

  • Tangier: 05h15 (change at Casa Voyageurs)

For any trips inside Ben Guerir, including transfers to the train station, 3 taxi drivers are available:
  • Ahmed: +212 (0) 6 95 35 45 61

  • Rachid: +212 (0) 7 67 01 74 27

  • Said: +212 (0) 6 28 67 02 81

What is the weather like at Ben Guerir?
Ben Guerir has a warm and pleasant Mediterranean climate with low rainfall.
The average temperature in Ben Guerir is 19.7°C and annual rainfall averages 290 mm.
What should I pack before coming to UM6P?
Contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our students who will be able to give you valuable advice. 
Don't forget your medication and prescriptions if you are undergoing a medical treatment. 
Do I need a car, where can I park it?
Please contact us for advice.
Are campus accomodations suitable of students with reduced mobility?
Yes, we have rooms equipped for our students with reduced mobility.
Can I choose my roommates?
Please contact us for advice.
Are there other services on campus?
If you do not feel well, we have an infirmary on site with a specialized team for consultation or first aid.
If necessary, they can refer you to a doctor or hospital.
An ambulance is also available.
What kind of insurance does UM6P provide? 
All UM6P students benefit from the coverage of the School Civil Liability Insurance and Assistance.