What Should I Do After High School in Morocco?

5 practical tips to better plan your path after graduation

What type of higher education should you choose after graduation? What are the most interesting and promising fields? Should you choose a university, a large public school, or a smaller private school instead?

Which program would be the best fit based on your profile and future ambitions? Who can you contact for more information? High school graduates ask themselves every year these questions and more as they evaluate what is next academically. The answers to these questions are very important since they dictate the future of each high school graduate; the tricky part is getting the correct answers since this information isn't easily accessible.  

The academic path you decide to follow after graduation should not be a last minute decision.  Educators agree that a carefully considered choice must be taken throughout the school years. Several factors must be carefully assessed; such as what degrees are favoured by recruiters as well as what industries are most likely to generate the jobs and professions of the future.

Here are five practical tips to help you decide the academic path to follow after your graduation: 


  •  Get advice from your teachers: Don't hesitate to ask your teachers for information and to seek out their feedback on your options and aspirations. Your teachers have the added advantage of knowing you well and understanding your abilities and strengths; they will surely be able to provide you with thoughtful insights.
  • Seek out your school's guidance counselor as much as possible: the guidance counselor is there for you and is available to help you. He or she can offer you valuable information about the education and programs available to you after graduation. If your high school does not provide a guidance counselor, you can contact the counselors at the schools you are interested in applying to after graduation.
  • Get in touch with your high school alumni: they have already been in your shoes and know better than anyone the challenges of deciding what school to go to after graduation. Their guidance will help as you reflect on what's next.
  • Attend student orientation events and forums: Several forums and events are organized in Morocco where all higher education institutions showcase their offerings. During these events, you will be able to meet the school representatives who will be happy to answer all your questions about existing programs. Be sure not to miss the online events and forums as well!
  • Check out Moroccan specific high school counselling websites: These informational websites contain practical information on the various programs offered by Moroccan institutions of higher education as well as have great career guides to read through.
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