3 reasons to choose a business school that is strong in hospitality management

Hotel management schools are popular with business school students and employers. Why?

Do you know why hospitality management schools are so popular with students interested in business careers as well as employers?

The best hospitality management schools are indeed:

1. Business schools that combine theory and practice.

The best management schools combine a high level academic program with many opportunities to put the knowledge gained in the classroom into practice.

Practical training has always been a strength of hospitality management schools around the world. Their programs teach practical hospitality skills, such as customer service and management, but also all management subjects, such as finance, accounting, marketing and human resources.

What employers like: Bachelor and Master graduates who have interpersonal skills and a practical mind in addition to their generalist Business School training.

2. Business schools that offer a well-structured internship program

Internships are one of the most important aspects of a university education, as they allow you to try out different jobs, gain practical experience and develop the additional skills you need to excel in your future career.

Universities that offer courses in hospitality management often include several long-term internships in their curriculum.

What employers like: the opportunity to "test" their future managers for several months before a permanent hire.

Tip: When choosing your school, make sure that it offers a dedicated academic and managerial support during its internships to maximize your professional and personal development. A successful internship can often lead to a job offer once your Bachelor's or Master's degree is completed.

3. Business schools with close contacts to industry

Sometimes, in higher education institutions, there is a tendency to live in an academic "ivory tower", away from the facts and practicalities of the real world.

The best hospitality business & management schools have proven the value they can bring to the hotel industry and more generally the service industry. As a result, they naturally forge strong relationships with these industries. For students, it is an opportunity to attend conferences, meet leaders and recruiters, and finally have a more enriching, more realistic and practical training.

What employers like: the opportunity to influence the curriculum of a college or university and to recruit students trained to meet the needs of any service focused industry or function.

Tip: Make sure your future school has a strong network of prestigious international partners. It will be a key asset to start your career.


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