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Bachelor Application

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All of the documents listed below must be submitted electronically to our admissions team.

  • Copy of passport or identification document
  • Copy of all available school transcripts from the last three years of high school (For students coming from the Moroccan schools: Please submit the overall transcript of the 3 years of high school)
  • Diploma or proof of graduation (You will need to upload this document as soon as available)
  • Two application essays (word document), Please select one of the topics below:

*A 500-word essay in English with these topics to choose from:

    • Describe a challenging situation you had to face and what lessons you drew from it.
    • Describe tourism in your city, its cultural and historical potential. Give us your personal opinion.
    • Career plan: where do you see yourself in 5 years? What career do you want to pursue?

*A 300-word essay in french with three topics to choose from:

    • Have you ever read a book that captivated you to the extent that you completely lost track of time? What was that book and what made you feel so passionate about it?
    • Tell us about a public figure (political, artistic, historical or sports...) who inspires you, and explain why?
    • Describe a trip you made, which you won't forget (local or international destination) and talk about what you liked the most.

The essays are an important part of your application. It is an opportunity for you to showcase your strengths, motivation and interests. 

If plagiarism is identified in the essay assessment or motivation text, the application will be systematically disqualified. Plagiarism occurs if the student submits an essay that is not his/her personal material, including copies from print documents, websites, or others without naming the references.

Copying someone else's written essay without any attribution is also plagiarism and cheating. You must only submit your own original essay. However, if you need to include text from other writers in your essay, please mention the references.


  • Language proficiency proof documents (If available)
  • Documents to support your application (if available): Certificates of participation in extracurricular activities, work or internship certificates, recommendation letters

If plagiarism is identified in the essay assessment or motivation text, the application will be systematically disqualified. 

Once you have submitted your initial application using the form below, you will be contacted within 1 month.

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