Career in Hospitality Business and Management

You are passionate about the world of hospitality and need to know more about the job opportunities you will have? Discover some of the many positions within the Hospitality business.


Food & Beverage Manager

The jobs of Food and Beverage are exciting when you choose to practice them in terms of quality. The Manager therefore has an innovation and communication function that drives him every day to look for a new concept, seize the opportunity and the right niche to stand out from its competitors and seduce its customers.

Missions :

  • Manage and develop a restaurant or hotel business.
  • Support chefs and energize the establishment with his own style and perception.
  • Lead a team with a subtle mix of listening, authority and organization.
  • Recruit and empower employees.
  • Coordinate and supervise food supply, raw material purchase, stock management…
  • Monitor the quality of the product and service provided, ensure client’s reception.


Recommended Skills :

  • Knowledge of food, business, public relations and management
  • Knowledge of health and safety regulations (strictly observed, recorded, archived)
  • Decision making and leadership skills
  • Strong organisational and service management skills
  • Financial, budgeting and booking software skills


To become a F&B Manager, move to a Regional Manager position and take care of several restaurants or even become a Catering Deputy Director, SHBM has made it possible with its Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Business and Management.

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