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Luxury Brand Manager

In todays' competitive marketplace, identity is of major importance to all brands. Luxury brand management is about creating a long-lasting impression on the consumers and improving market share and product sales. The brand Manager, therefore, makes sure that the marketing and advertising activities of the organization portray the correct message. Moreover, the key aspects of his mission also include coming up with brand guidelines and ensuring that employees adhere to them. He works closely with numerous teams, including creative agencies, marketing personnel, researchers, and product developers to make sure that the image and the values of the brand and its actions are fully aligned.

Missions :

    • Leading, motivating a sale team and building customer loyalty (easy and foreign).
    • Managing the different life cycles of luxury products and launching a new products.
    • Researching the consumer markets, monitoring the latest market trends, and identifying all the potential areas.
    • Coming up with names for existing and new services and products as well as thinking of ideas for upcoming launches including package imagery.
    • Analyzing the price of the products and thinking about its potential profitability.
    • Overseeing the sign off of marketing campaigns and literature, ensuring that the messages and designs meet the regulatory guidelines set by the brand.


Recommended Skills :

  • Good analytical skills, instinctive feelings about future concepts of the product.
  • Curiosity, creativity and innovation.
  • Strong commitment, team spirit.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with ablity to work well with different types of people.
  • Openness, anticipating, capturing trends and identifying developments.
  • Good management, analysis and synthesis.
  • Fluent in English and other languages such as Chinese or Russian.

Multitasking must be a strong point since the Brand Manager is responsible for handling a number of different projects simultaneously. It is essential that he is versed in the competition’s activities and actions. He must also be able to work and thrive in a busy, creative, fast-paced and deadline-driven environment.

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